Two different decorative iron fences in Tucson, AZ

There is little doubt that one of the most beautiful decorative iron fences are those made from wrought iron or cast iron; and in many cases a combination of the two. The difference between the two materials is the way they are produced, a skilled fence company in Tucson, AZ will form wrought iron shapes into intricate designs using both hand and power tools whereas cast iron is used to manufacture many of the fittings that are used to add to the look. In years past, entire cast iron fence panels were produced; many of these were cast in Europe and used as ballast in sailing ships plying the route from Europe to the Americas. There are many wonderful examples of this fence type in Tucson, AZ.

Although iron fences are often used around properties of historic homes they are just as practical when used around any yard. Wrought iron fences are produced by heating and twisting iron bars into intricate shapes, they can be used to completely enclose a yard or they are very effective when used for gazebos, benches and other decorative garden features. Railheads are often used in conjunction with wrought iron fences, these railheads are normally produced by casting iron or forging steel. Although the finished fence can be painted any color, traditionally they are black, in many cases the decorative touches such as the railheads are painted gold or gilt.

A fence company in Tucson, AZ like Able Fence, LLC that provides iron fences is fully aware of the weight and the necessity to set strong support posts. Iron posts are available in an array of sizes that are designed to support the panels. Although many homeowners continue with steel posts, there are others that use stone or brick posts to good advantage. Many iron fences will be installed using steel posts along the rum and terminate or charge direction at a stone or brick post column. Rarely is wood used as it will not outlast the iron and in many cases, it cannot take the loads.

The fence company in Tucson, AZ that is responsible for building the fence can make it to any height, all depending on the expectations of the owner. Garden fences do not have to be all that tall, whereas pool enclosures must be higher to stop children from climbing over and gaining access to the pool area.

It takes a highly skilled fence company to produce and erect a beautiful wrought iron fence in Tucson, AZ.

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