Truck Driving Schools in Chicago Provide Opportunities for Rewarding Careers

Truck Driving Schools in Jacksonville provide the opportunity for people to train for a rewarding career on the road. Some trucking companies offer paid or free training, but many prospective professional drivers aren’t comfortable with signing the required contract to stay with the company for a certain length of time. Choosing a school that offers job placement service is more appealing.

Class A and B Licenses

After completing training with one of the best Defensive Driving School Jacksonville, the graduate with a new commercial driver’s license has a variety of job options. Someone who has acquired a Class B license can drive a straight truck, like a dump truck or delivery truck. In contrast, a Class A license allows the person to drive these vehicles as well as tractor-trailer combinations. In either case, some driving jobs involve unloading and loading vehicles or assisting in the process.

Class A jobs tend to pay more, but they also usually require drivers to put in the time working long haul, spending most of their time away from home. Some drivers thrive on this, but others prefer to be home every night or at least every weekend. Eventually, as they gain experience, drivers can apply successfully for jobs known as dedicated runs that have a regular schedule. Two years of over-the-road work tends to be the milestone.

Payment: Hourly or Mileage

Depending on the job, drivers are paid by the hour or by the mile. Some work as independent contractors and others as employees. Company employees enjoy significant benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage, as well as retirement plans and paid vacation time.

Passing the Tests

To obtain these licenses, the person must pass a written exam and a road test, just as is the case with acquiring a regular driver’s license. A training center such as NextGen Driver Training LLC makes sure students receive rigorous training including driving in real-world situations. Those who are interested in driving in the city can participate in extra training hours on urban roadways so they become entirely comfortable in these traffic-congested settings and tight, complicated intersections.

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