Truck Accident Lawyer in Corona CA – What to Do and Expect After a Truck Accident

Thousands of people are involved in and injured in truck accidents every single day. The fault may lie in the driver of the big rig or in other drivers. Regardless of the reason for the accident it is important to know what to do and what to expect after the fact. If you are alive and left with few injuries then you should be thankful. Sadly, many truck-related accidents end in fatalities at worst or minor to major injuries. A Truck Accident Lawyer in Corona, CA should be consulted if you have been injured in a truck accident as soon as possible. Waiting will cause delays and create problems with your compensation in the long run. The following information will provide you with the basics of what to do and what to expect after a truck accident.

Evaluate the Situation
As soon as you regain your composure, check yourself out to make sure you are okay and assess your own injuries. If you can get out of your vehicle check on the other people with you and anyone that was involved in the accident. Call 9-1-1 if you have access to a cell phone or gain access to one as quickly as possible. It is important to evaluate the situation and make that emergency call as quickly as possible.

Get Medical Attention
Regardless of your injuries it is crucial that you get medical attention. Whether you go by ambulance to get a ride from someone you know, go directly to the emergency room. There you will get a thorough exam to make sure you have no life-threatening injuries or you will get treated for your injuries. Make sure you also get access to your medical records in case you need them for a legal claim.

If you are contacted by the insurance company for the truck driver or trucking company, do not accept a settlement from them. Consult with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Corona CA and find out if they will pursue the claim for you. This is a prudent choice that will improve your chances of getting a fair and equitable compensation settlement. The insurance company is not interested in giving you what you should get, but in saving money. Legal consultations for accident cases are free so there is no risk.

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