Transform Your Life With The MAX Challenge

Leave the politics at home and take a proactive stance on health this summer. Proud to announce its arrival in Bedminster, New Jersey, The MAX Challenge is America’s premier fitness experience guaranteed to transform your mind, body, and spirit. Designed for anyone committed to taking back control of their health, we are a ten week program of fitness, nutrition, and motivation that not only helps you achieve your weight loss goals but teaches you how to maintain results.


With no fewer than 50 unique workouts, our regimented fitness program is scientifically proven to burn fat and increase muscle tone. By demonstrating exercises and challenging your newfound sense of strength, our expert trainers will introduce you to a whole new world of personal fitness.


There is nothing worse than fad diets that leave you pining for more. At THE MAX Challenge of Bedminster/Basking Ridge, we know how important nutrition is to your weight loss program, and how deleterious deprivation can be to your success. With 1-on-1 nutritional counseling and unlimited access to online food guides and forums, we will teach you what, when, and how to eat properly. Learn to space your snacks and meals throughout the day, and how to moderate your choices instead of cutting out your favorite foods.


With energetic workouts, invigorating meals, and a supportive community of trainers and teammates, we are a positive and non-judgmental environment that encourages everyone to work together in meeting their goals. Open-armed and family-friendly, we understand that support is critical to your success, and we welcome you to stop in to experience our compassionate community for yourself.

Ready to transform your life? Contact us today to learn how THE MAX Challenge of Bedminster/Basking Ridge can change everything you know about health.

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