Trade in Your Jewelry and Used Televisions for Cash

Do you need money? Do you have something of value you’d like to trade in for a short amount of time and take out a loan for your emergency? Once you pay the loan back you get your valuable item back. If you have gold, diamond or platinum jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or broaches that you can part with for 90 days, you’ll have cash in your pocket when you leave the Sam Light Loan Company. They’ve been serving the St. Louis area since 1925 and are well known and highly recommended by citizens all over the city and surrounding areas.

Now, with an upgraded computer system, each person who has taken out a loan can pay it safely online from their home computer. This makes is so easy to pay your loan without having to leave home and make a trip into the city. It’s a safe, technologically advanced and encrypted site with never a worry about your payment getting lost in cyberspace. Stop in and see for yourself the wide selection of items you may need at your home or for your business. The company specializes in musical instruments, jewelry, Used Televisions, bicycles, laptops, computers and other electronics.

A standard fee of just 10% applies to each person requesting a loan. When people neglect to pay their loan, their items are sold to others who need them and appreciate them, at a fair and affordable price. Customer service is number one at this dependable and reputable company. They have a huge inventory of fine diamond rings and earrings set in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and silver. When you log onto the website, be sure to click on ‘staff’ and meet the people who are ready to serve their customers.

Many customers don’t want to go out and purchase a brand new television when they can purchase one of the Used Televisions and have money left over for something else they’ll definitely want from the loan company’s store. When customers need money in a hurry for their family emergencies, they know where they can get it at the most competitive prices in the city. They pay off the loan within three months and pick up their merchandise which can be used again the next time they need cash. Watch our videos for more information.


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