Towing services and roadside assistance

If you have recently purchased a new automobile you may find that the manufacturer or dealer includes the services of a towing company in Seminole County to provide you with roadside assistance. Rarely if ever does this benefit stretch to the purchase of a pre-owned car but don’t worry, if you buy a used car and you are not granted roadside assistance there are many companies that offer membership packages that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you can have your car towed should this become necessary.

One of the primary concerns of a driver is a vehicle break-down which will require towing. Regardless of where the breakdown occurs or what the circumstances are the situation is always an inconvenience, even more so if you don’t have enough money with you to pay the towing charges. When you become a member of one of the organizations that can arrange for roadside assistance at least this problem is solved. If you do have a problem and a towing company in Seminole County is sent out to help you, the Automobile Association will look after the charges.

Different types of tow vehicles:

If you do break down due to mechanical failure or if you have been in an accident then your car will have to be towed. In some cases you will be attended to by service vehicles that are owned and operated by your association but in most cases the association will dispatch a tow truck that is owned by a private individual or company.

There are three types of trucks that are used to tow a disabled vehicle; hook and chain, wheel lift and flat bed. Hook and chain recovery vehicles are not used that much anymore as it has been found that they can actually cause more damage because they function by wrapping a chain around the axle and this can distort the lift point or the chain can scratch and mar the bodywork.

Wheel lift tow trucks use a metal yoke, this yoke is put under either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle which has to be towed. The yoke is lifted by a hydraulic hoisting mechanism and the car wheels are lifted off the ground. The car is then towed on whatever wheels are still on the road.

A professional towing company in Seminole County will use a flatbed tow vehicle. This type of truck has an inclining bed which allows the distressed vehicle to be winched onto the bed. Once the vehicle is in place, the bed lowers and the vehicle is hauled.

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