Top Tips for Better Eating During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, eating might be the last thing on your mind. While some women experience a boost in appetite, others battle nausea, heartburn, and other symptoms that make food unappealing at best.

However, it is important for both the mother’s health and that of her baby to ensure that healthy eating remains a priority. Here are a few tips for eating well during your pregnancy:

Take Your Vitamins

No matter how well-rounded your diet may be, ensuring that you are getting the proper amounts of all of your necessary nutrients – especially iron and folic acid – while you are pregnant is crucial. Add a prenatal supplement to your diet and take it every day for best results. If it causes your stomach discomfort, consider taking it with food or switching to an easier to digest formula.

Stay Away from Caffeine and Avoid All Alcohol

While there are debates as to what amount of caffeine is safe and acceptable for daily consumption during pregnancy, there is no safe amount of alcohol. If you drink regularly or have a coffee or soda habit, switch to healthier beverages while pregnant to avoid potential harm to the baby.

Don’t Go Hungry

This sounds simple, but it is one tip too many expectant mothers ignore. While you may not feel the need for breakfast, your body certainly does. Feed yourself well with healthy meals and snacks each day. Choose whole grains, wholesome meat and dairy products, and plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep you full and fuel your body while you’re growing a new life. You’ll feel better – and your baby will benefit, too!

For more information on eating well during pregnancy in Morris County, talk to your health care provider or visit one of many websites designed to help guide women through building a better lifestyle while pregnant.

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