Top Three Funeral Financial Worries and how to Avoid Them

Funerals are a difficult time, and finding the money to pay for them can feel even worse. During a time of grief, additional anxieties of debt and money worries are the last thing you want. Here are some ways to avoid common money troubles that come with funerals and how funeral funding can help with them:

1. Debt
You want to give your loved one the best funeral possible, but the costs soon pile up and the debt increases. Funeral funding provides up-front payment to funeral homes, sometimes within only one or two days, and other services to avoid this large bill.

2. Insurance Companies Won’t Pay
It can sometimes take weeks or months for a life insurance policy to clear and for the money to find its way to you. In the meantime, all of the funeral expenses have to be paid by family members. Funeral funding also pays for these costs and can provide additional beneficiary funding in the event that the life insurance doesn’t cover the full amount of funeral expenses, which can cover legal fees, transport, accommodation, or anything else you need.

3. Paying a Deposit
Scrambling to find money to pay the deposit for a funeral home, as well as additional services such as catering, is another large financial burden that results in large and unexpected debt. Companies providing assistance with funeral costs can also pay these deposits for you so you don’t have to worry about them.

Everybody wants to give their loved one a worthy send off, but financial worries can make it too easy to cut corners, increasing feelings of guilt and making grieving more difficult. With the financial costs taken care of for you by a third party, you don’t need to worry about this and can arrange a funeral that is appropriate no matter the cost.

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