Top Remodels for to Maintain Seniors’ Independence

If you are a senior determined to continue living with complete independence you will need to make a few changes to your home. Stores for Home Care Supplies Omaha NE seniors order often also provide remodelling services that are affordable and safe. Here are some of the top remodels seniors have made to help them enjoy living independently in the comfort of their family home:

* Bathroom Remodels: This is probably one of the most dangerous areas that require some work. You can add a number of features to make it easier to use your bathroom. Common remodels usually include changes to the tub area from cut-outs to create walk in showers to the addition of tubs with doors and seats. Simpler changes can include the addition of safety bars. You can also add commode seating to make it easier to use the toilet which offers a more comfortable height for seniors. You can also look at taps and faucets that will be easier to grip if you suffer from conditions such as arthritis.

* Widened Doorways: By widening doorways in your home it will make it easier for you to use scooters, wheel chairs and walkers.

* Levelling Floors: Many homes have varying flooring that changes from hall and from room to room. This can make it difficult to use a walker or even a cane and can also be dangerous for tripping. You can look into having a common flooring choice throughout your home that will remove any dangerous lips and places that are uneven.

* Stair Lifts and Elevators: A home with stairs is another danger many seniors might be worried about. You can look at having a stair lift installed and even speak to someone about elevator installation in a larger home. This will make it easy to get from level to level.

* Home Alarm Services: Every senior who lives in their family home should consider a home alarm service. This is very important in case of emergency as it allows you to be in contact with assistance immediately when required. There are many options available and most also come with something you can keep on your person with a button you can push if you are unable to speak. Modern technology even has some monitors that can tell if you have fallen.

These are the common remodels you can consider for your home.

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