Top Reasons Why Student Apartments Are Better Than Living in a Dorm

While there are many positive things that you could experience when living in a dorm on campus, there are also many negative things that simply make it not worthwhile. Here are a few reasons why student apartments in Riverside, CA, may be a better option for you.

The number one reason why young people like the idea of living in a dorm is because they are on campus. It is convenient to get to and from classes. What they don’t realize is that student apartments in Riverside, CA, are located right near campus. It only takes a few minutes to walk to there. Also, there may be a free shuttle that you can use.

When you live in a student apartment, you live like an adult. With a dorm, there is a monitor who make sure you follow the rules. They keep an eye on the guests you have over. They make sure that you are home by a certain time. They make sure you are not making too much noise. These are not things you have to worry about when living in your own place.

Living in a student apartment also means that you will have more space. You will be able to stretch out and relax. You will have access to a comfortable living room and full-size kitchen. And you will have privacy in your own bedroom.

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