Top Reasons To Use Experienced Stainless Steel Fabricators

Stainless steel is an ideal material for many parts, components, and devices. It is naturally corrosion resistant, will not discolor or mark easily, can stand up to extreme temperatures and it can be used in virtually any industry from food and beverage production to aerospace applications.

However, despite its many benefits, not all stainless steel alloys are easy to work with or to fabricate. For this reason, it is a true advantage to companies to outsource their stainless steel machining and fabricating to metal companies that have the expertise, experience and a good understanding of working with the different types of stainless steel on the market today.

Welding and Sawing

All stainless steel fabricators will offer welding and sawing services. However, it is important to verify that the fabricator has experience in working with stainless steel, particularly with some of the more challenging series that require specific types of welding methods.

Specific types of industries, such as the military and defense sector as well as agriculture, automotive or other processing industries may also have equipment for parts and components.

CNC Machining

Stainless steel fabricators should be able to offer the latest in CNC machining technology. This will allow for the development of even the most complex shapes and configurations.

With the use of CNC machining, there is also a potential for a decrease in cost per unit. This occurs as production is faster, there is less waste, and it is also less reliant on labor.


Precision laser cutting and plasma cutting will also be offered by the top, stainless steel fabricators. This equipment allows for extremely precise cutting operations, ideal for high tolerance parts in a variety of industries.

Some of the top fabricators offer a range of other services as well. These can include pre-finishing and finishing, ensuring the parts and components arrive ready to be installed.

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