Top Reasons To Choose Wood Exterior Doors

When it comes to exterior doors, there is an increasing list of the number of materials from which the door can be made. While some of the new materials boast a lot of pluses, such as water resistance, durability and even design options, when it comes to these factors it is almost impossible to beat wood.

Each type of door material, when used for exterior doors, certainly does have an advantage over the other. However, it is only wood that offers a good balance of all features and benefits, and it is worthwhile taking a look at the reasons why.

Insect Resistance

Today, virtually all exterior doors will be insect resistant. This includes steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass as well as wood. Wood doors are often naturally insect resistant, including woods such as mahogany and cedar, the former used in beautifully-designed entrance doors and the latter found in top-quality wood garage doors.

Warm, Rich Look

The popularity of wood exterior doors is impossible to mistake if you just take a look at how many other types of material are marketed to look “just like real wood”. However, no matter how well-crafted these doors may be, it is impossible to duplicate that rich, warm and naturally-lustrous look of real wood.

Color Options

When it comes to other types of wood doors or wood-look exterior doors, only wood doors can be painted or stained. The other types of materials may be able to be refinished and painted, but they cannot be stained.

This means that if you select a wood door, you can enhance the natural color of the wood and bring out the grain. You can also choose the surface finish that includes more of a satin or a low sheen finish, all of which incorporate UV protectant and a full sealant from water and moisture.

It is also possible to change the color of the paint or stain on wood exterior doors with a very simple process. Painting and resurfacing other types of materials, including steel, fiberglass and aluminum doors can be much more challenging, since applying the new paint is not easy to create a professional finish.

Wood exterior doors require very little in the way of maintenance, especially with the top-quality stains and sealants in use today. To achieve optimal durability have the door stained and finished from the manufacturer, ensuring all sides and parts of the door are completely protected.

Nick’s Building Supply is a specialized manufacturer of wood interior and exterior doors. We can custom design doors and provide full staining and sealing services.

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