Top Reasons To Buy A Ford Expedition in Bedford Park

Since its debut on the car scene in 1996, the Ford Expedition has been an incredibly popular choice among vehicle enthusiasts and the casual consumer alike. They have evolved beyond a vehicle used primarily for utility purposes into a renowned family vehicle, with lots of cargo space, a comfortable ride for the whole family, and huge towing capacity. There have since been three generations of Ford Expeditions, with each one building on the improvements made by the last. Here are just a few top reasons to buy a Ford Expedition in Bedford Park.

Seating Capacity

Anyone from a large family knows the pains of being cramped into a too-small vehicle for long road trips. Even a short ride to the grocery store is incredibly uncomfortable in a vehicle that is ill-equipped for a that many people. One of the top reasons to buy a Ford Expedition in Bedford Park, especially among those with large families or who participate in car pools on a regular basis, is that there is tons of seating. The Expedition can comfortable seat up to eight people, and has a roomy interior that means the seating won’t be tight or cramped. Even in cases where all eight seats are not needed, there is tons of room. The latest model comes with power folding seats, meaning that there is no need to grapple with seats while waiting to load the car for your next road trip, or to store your sports equipment. In addition, the seats fold down flat, making it easy to load your cargo in the vacant space.

Aesthetics and Utility

Simply put, the Ford Expedition is a good looking SUV. While many sports utility vehicles suffer from a boxy or clumsy exterior, the Ford Expedition has a bold grille, and a rounded bumper, that lead to an overall appealing aesthetic. In addition to looking good, the vehicle runs exceptionally well, with independent rear suspension and the ability to choose between two or four-wheel drive, depending on the road conditions. Those who purchase a Ford Expedition in Bedford Park can also customize the ride style, and select between comfort, normal, or sport modes – each with its own adaptive suspension system.


The Ford Expedition has air bags through the vehicle, not just limited to the front two seats, brake assistance, a blind spot monitor, a rear-view camera to avoid parking accidents, and electronic stability control. They also come with traction control, and, as mentioned, allow drivers to choose between two and four-wheel drive depending on the road conditions. All of this adds up to an incredibly safe ride.

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