Top Picks for Upscale Restaurants in Downtown Savannah Live Up to the Hype

Individuals who are bored with the tired sports bar atmosphere that some higher-priced food/drink establishments offer should seek out a better venue option. Learn why some of the top picks for upscale restaurants in downtown Savannah truly live up to the hype that surrounds them.

Discover a Truly Different Sports Bar & Restaurant Experience

What if there were an upbeat sports bar that was located in the very heart of Savannah’s beautiful historic district that also serves delectable menu options made from scratch? What if that place also included state-of-the-art HDTVs ideal for watching football or other sports programs? Would it seem too good to believe if that trendy sports bar also served 40 taps and over a 100 bottled beers? These phenomenal sports bar and restaurants in the downtown Savannah area offer a delightfully different and amazing bar and restaurant experience not found anywhere else.

Not Just Your Average Neighborhood Bar

Unlike the vast majority of sports bars around the city, there are a few that are not just your average neighborhood bar with dark rooms and less than ample seating space. It is possible now to find a spacious two-floor sports bar and restaurant that even boasts a gorgeous mezzanine.

A Bar/Restaurant Venue that Features Something for Everyone

If looking for a new entertainment and dining establishment in downtown Savannah, consider trying out a unique bar and restaurant venue with friends or alone. Come see why Savannah Taphouse is the place to be.

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