Top Four Innovative Things Kids Can Do At Summer Camp

Summer camps in New Jersey offer the best opportunities for children to meet new friends, learn new skills, and stay healthy all year long. Parents also like summer camp because their children can get restless at home without the structure that school provides. Summer camp programs keep kids of all ages out of trouble, while they are also able to stay busy doing things they enjoy. Did you also know summer camp in New Jersey offers new and innovative opportunities for fun? Here are some of the four innovative things kids can do while at summer camp in New Jersey.

1. Rock Climbing. When kids find out that Black Bear Lake summer camp pin New Jersey has a rock climbing wall, they usually beg their parents to sign them up. Black Bear Lake is where children can learn the valuable skill of rock climbing safely.

2. Arts. Most summer camps offer some arts programs, but at Black Bear Lake, the program is actually quite extensive and includes ceramics and even graphic design. Not all summer camp elective courses are held outdoors! A lot of the rainy weather activities are geared for creative kids who need an outlet for self-expression and the opportunity to develop skills in different areas of the visual arts or music.

3. Field trips. Summer camps should offer kids a variety of programs that include trips to nearby nature sites for hiking, tubing in the river, or going to the beach. Did you also know that Black Bear Lake has some city excursions too? If your kids enroll at Black Bear Lake they could have the opportunity to take field trips to New York City and take in a Broadway play!

4. Archery. Given the tremendous popularity of Game of Thrones, archery has become more popular at New Jersey summer camps over the past few years. Using a bow and arrow is not just a fantasy game or a thing of the past. Developing archery skills helps children hone their fine motor skills, and many find the sport so enjoyable that they pursue it competitively later on. Archery skills are cool to have and fun to master.

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