Tips To Sell Diamonds In Downers Grove

If a person is short on cash, their jewelry box could be holding the money they need. If the individual has diamonds in their jewelry box, they can sell the diamonds to a pawn shop. Before a person decides to sell diamonds Downers Grove, there are a few tips they should follow. This will help the seller be sure that they will get the best price possible.

Have the Diamonds Appraised

It is best that the seller has their diamond jewelry appraised before taking it to the pawn shop. Just because someone told the seller they were giving them real diamonds, it doesn’t mean the gems were real. A qualified appraiser will be able to tell if the diamonds are real, and they can let the buyer know what they are worth. If there are any flaws in the diamond, the appraiser will give the seller that information as well.

Set a Realistic Price Goal

After the seller gets the diamonds appraised, they should come up with a realistic asking price. Most pawn shops won’t give the seller exactly what the diamonds are worth. It is best to base the price goal on 80 percent of the value of the diamonds. The seller should also set a bottom line. If the pawn shop won’t pay more than the bottom line, the seller should hold onto the diamonds until they can find someone who is willing to go higher than the bottom line.

Leave Emotions Out of the Sale

It is best for the seller to break their emotional connection to the diamonds before they plan to sell. Since diamonds are often a symbol of love, it is easy for the seller to set a price based on how they feel about the diamonds. When emotions are left out of the equations, they won’t be disappointed with the amount of money offered.

If a person is short on cash and has diamond jewelry they are willing to sell, it is important to go into the sale with as much knowledge as possible. Before a person decides to Sell Diamonds Downers Grove, they should follow the tips listed above.

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