Tips to Finding Good Locksmiths in Chicago

Finding a locksmith that is reputable is a tough job. There are so many stories that are in the news today about locksmiths quoting one price and then price gouging once the job is complete. Don’t be a victim of this. Amazing Lock Service wants to share tips with you to find locksmiths in Chicago.

Years in Business

A locksmith that has been in business for a while generally has a reputation. They have done enough business that allows people to share their thoughts on the service that they received from the company. Most times, this can be found through testimonials or on review sites on the internet.

Services Offered

A locksmith that only does automobile locks is limiting themselves from offering a complete service to a consumer. It is good to find a locksmith that can take care of home locks, business locks, and car locks. This will allow a trusted relationship to be built over time.


A locksmith that has a location that they can be contacted at is generally one that does not have anything to hide. Some locksmiths work only out of a van or truck. This does not allow people to locate them if they are unsatisfied with the service performed or even to purchase additional services. A physical address that a locksmith can be contacted at is a sign of a good business.


Before most people decide on who they are going to do business with, they price shop around. It is always important when shopping for locksmiths in Chicago, that the entire price is discussed and agreed upon before the work is performed. Find a company that will back up their work with an honest price.

Hours Available

If a person is locked out of a car at 2:00 AM, a locksmith that is only open from 8-5 does not do any good. Depending on the service that is needed, a locksmith will need to be a 24-hour service or have flexible hours. If the service needed is a residential lock service, the hours are not as important.

When choosing a locksmith, all of these things should be taken into consideration. Once you find a good locksmith, save the information so that they can be used again in the future. Most importantly, be cautious about those who do not meet certain criteria to avoid being ripped off.

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