Tips on Making a Garden from Bulk Wildflowers

Many people can remember the beauty of a field of wildflowers. For most, the memory is a sweet one, full of bright colors and interesting names. There were sunny yellows, royal purples, brilliant reds, all dressed in their shiny best dresses and dancing in the field as gentle breezes blew. If you would love to bring those memories to life in your own yard, perhaps a garden made from bulk wildflowers is the answer. Here are a few tips on planting and using wildflowers.

Buying the Seeds

When planning any type of garden, perhaps the most important task is purchasing the seeds. It is important to look for high quality in your seeds, just as you would do for any purchase that you make. You will want to choose seeds which have been field inspected to make sure that there are no weeds or debris in with them. They should also be tested for viability. There should be no additives of fillers of any type. While most seed companies cannot offer a money back guarantee, they should be willing to replace any seeds that were defective in any way. Read all labels very carefully to make sure that you plant the seeds in the manner suggested. Follow these directions for the best results in your wild flower garden.

Planning a Time for Planting

Bulk wildflowers are fairly easy to grow, and can be planted in most areas in either spring, summer, or fall. In fact, the season is not the most important thing to consider when planting a wild flower garden. The climate matters much more. In most cases, it is best to plant these seeds just before the rainiest months for your area. You don’t want to plant right before it gets extremely hot and dry. Check for frost dates in your area and make sure that they have passed. Unless you are planting seeds that grow well in shade, it is best for wildflowers to have at least six hours of direct sunlight. Plan your garden area accordingly. Remove any existing growth from the soil where your garden will be. Turn the soil under to prepare it.

Plant Your Seeds

It is best to plant your seeds immediately after tilling up the ground. Wait no more than 24 hours after turning the earth to plant your wild flower seeds in it. Waiting any longer gives the weeds which may have seeded there before a chance to begin to grow. If the weeds are given that chance before the flowers are planted, the weeds are more likely to take over, making your job of maintenance much harder. Once the dirt is turned, plant your seeds according to the package directions. Water, and wait for beauty to spring forth!

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