Tips on How to Organize Your Child’s First Trip to a Dentist

The development and implementation of proper oral hygiene practices should start at a very early age. As a matter of fact, according to most experts, toddlerhood is the best time to get acquainted with professional dental care. But how exactly can you prep your youngsters for their first trip to the dentist? Moreover, what exactly should you expect from this checkup? Here are a few useful info and tips that you should factor in before scheduling the appointment.

Before the Visit

Don’t take your kids to your dentist, unless children represent a sizable part of your specialist’s practice. In other words, it may be best to count on a reliable local dentist who is specialized in different categories of dental work that could be required by all your family members (cleaning and prevention, X-rays, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and so on). Once you get the chance to inspect your dentist’s working environment, make sure cleanliness is one of its most prominent attributes. Dentists should use dental tools that come wrapped in plastic and all staff members should wear a pair of protective gloves. The parent should always accompany the child in the examination room. Dentists should be kept up-to-date with the youngster’s medical history and should also know if your child is taking any prescribed medication.

During the Visit

Turning Real Facts into a Story. Some of the friendliest and dependable dentists that you will ever meet know how to address the anxiety that your kids may experience before or during the checkup. Using special models, finger puppets and oversized brushes, dentists could teach your kids how to brush and floss properly.

Coping with the Teeth Cleaning and Polishing Process. Are you worried that your child could be intimidated by all those unfamiliar tools that make scary noises? You have absolutely no reason to be concerned, especially when you pick a dentist who is good with kids. By letting the kids touch and inspect the tools and equipment under close supervision, dental care experts can prep the kids for the cleaning and polishing phases. Using an adequate rotary brush, your dentist will complete this phase in no time and polish your kid’s teeth to perfection. Afterwards, he will focus on the finishing touches. For instance, the dentist may apply a layer of topical fluoride, after asking for your permission to do so. Recent research demonstrates that fluoride treatments performed on a regular basis are a solid component of an effective decay prevention strategy. After this final step, your child should not drink or eat for approximately half an hour.

Your dentist will most likely end the checkup by rewarding your child. Prizes like finger puppets or key chains work best and enable your child to think that a trip to the dentist’s office is a great experience. If you are on a quest to find the best dental care specialist for your entire family, look no further. Complete Family Dentistry is the place where all your loved ones can upgrade their smiles and get one step closer to faultless oral health. You can visit their Facebook or Google+ page for more information.


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