Tips on Hiring a Reputable DUI Lawyer in Romney WV

There are several offenses related to the use of alcohol and drugs while driving. Penalties can be significant (fines and/or prison time) and vary according to each case. For example, in the case of drunk driving, the judge will see drug and alcohol use as an aggravating circumstance. In the case of alcohol and drug-impaired driving, it is advisable to have a DUI lawyer in Romney WV help with the case.

It is forbidden to drive with a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 0.08 (the limit for most states). If the rate is exceeded, there are applicable sanctions that vary according to the rate. In the event of a blood alcohol level of less 0.08, the driver may be ticketed and possibly arrested. If a driver is over the legal limit, he or she will be arrested, and charged with a DUI/DWI. The possible legal ramifications of this are intense.

The local police may have checkpoints set up for random screening. In the event a driver refuses to test, the driver is liable to the same penalties as if their blood alcohol level was over the limit. There are four forms of narcotics: cannabis, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines. Unlike drunk driving, there is no threshold below which driving under the use of narcotics is permitted. In the case of driving after using narcotics, the driver is arrested and his/her driver’s license is revoked for a number of years.

Drug screening may be routinely conducted (like after a road accident), or these could be random if there are plausible reasons to assume that the driver has used narcotics. The driver is subjected to a salivary (or urinary) test, and then, in the case of a positive test, a clinical examination is performed. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Romney WV is the only way to fight these types of tests.

Clients should closely question any lawyer about their experience. Do they defend DUI cases full-time? If not, what percentage of their caseload deals with DUI? Equally important, what geographic regions does the lawyer have experience in? For example, each county in WV has its own rules and regulations. In addition, each judge has their own way of doing things. For more information, contact the Business Name today.

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