Tips on Dealing with Painful Dentures in Kona

If you wear Dentures in Kona you know, how painful they can be if they do not fit right. While most dentures are designed to fit snuggly when they are first created, changes in the structure of the mouth can alter the way dentures fit and eventually you will need to see your dentist for help in correcting the problem.
When Dentures in Kona do not fit well, a dentist will often need to perform a hard reline to the denture. A hard reline involves the dentist removing part of the acrylic base of the denture. Once this is removed, a putty like substance will be placed on the denture and the denture will be placed in your mouth to obtain an impression of your gums as they are now.

The dentist will then send the impression and your dentures to a lab so a new acrylic base, which matches the impression, can be created and affixed to the denture base. This should restore the snug fit of your Dentures in Kona.

If you have allowed the condition to go too long and your gums have become swollen or you have sores, the dentist will not be able to perform the hard reline. Instead, a very cushioning covering will be applied to the base of the dentures. When you wear the dentures, the cushion will help to prevent further irritations and sores. This will often be used until your gums heal and a hard reline can be completed.

Some people may have issues with their dentures from the beginning. They may find the acrylic base painful or they may have allergies, which cause it to create sores in their mouth. In this type of situation, a temporary coating can be applied to the dentures base. This will provide extra comfort and shield the gums from the acrylic base as well. Often this will correct a patient’s issues.

If you must wear dentures, it is important they fit well. If you are experiencing issues with the fit of your dentures, you should contact a dentist like Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. who is experienced in working with these dental appliances. He can help in ensuring your dentures fit as well as they can. Visit us website for more details.


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