Tips For Working With Drug Possession Lawyers in Greenwood IN

When one is charged with drug possession, they face fines, jail time, or both. It is crucial a defendant hires Drug Possession Lawyers Greenwood IN to ensure their rights are protected as they defend the charges that have been brought against them. There are a few different defenses that can be used to fight a drug possession charge. It is important one hires a lawyer as soon as possible so they can get started on finding the right defense.

* Unlawful search and seizure are a classic defense for many drug possession charges. If a defendant’s fourth amendment rights were violated in any way, a lawyer could sometimes get the evidence thrown out of court so it cannot be used in trying a defendant. With no evidence, there can be no conviction.

* If the drugs were not the defendants and belonged to someone else, the lawyer may be able to prove this in court and have the charges dropped or at least lessened. If the lawyer could shed any doubt on who the drugs belonged to, it will be difficult for the prosecutor to get a conviction.

* For a conviction to be sought, the drugs found must be carefully tested in a drug lab to ensure they are the correct substance. If the testing was inconclusive or not carried out correctly, the lawyer can use this as a means of getting the charges dropped due to a lack of evidence.

* If the district attorney cannot produce the evidence in court, the charges will likely be thrown out. Unfortunately, the loss of drug paraphernalia happens more frequently than most people realize.

The Drug Possession Lawyers Greenwood IN will first meet with a defendant and go over the charges they have been charged with. They will meet with the arresting officers and the district attorney to determine what type of evidence they have and what can be done to defend the charges. In some cases, plea bargaining can be used to lower charges or penalties.

If you are in need of legal services to defend your drug possession charges, contact the office of Attorney at Law. You can also learn about the services he provides when you Visit Online.

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