Tips for Safe Use of Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

Many homes use a central heating system that relies on electricity or gas to generate heat, but some homes use a furnace that burns oil for fuel. Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT includes two types of oil: No.2 heating oil, also called gas oil, and kerosene. The oil is typically delivered by a tank truck and stored in a storage tank on the property. Unfortunately, there are some safety concerns related to heating oil, and homeowners need to know how to use their oil-burning appliances safely. The following are some safety tips for homes that use heating oil.

First of all, the storage tank that holds the heating oil should be regularly examined for leaks. A leaking storage tank can be a danger to the soil, water, and air quality in the surrounding environment. The tank should have an alarm to indicate when it is over-filled, and oil delivery professionals should ascertain that the alarm is working before filling the tank.

In addition, it’s important to make sure your furnace working correctly. Homeowners should check to see if the furnace is using oil efficiently. Signs that a furnace is not burning the oil completely include black smoke and soot. These signs should be followed up with a call to the furnace manufacturer or other service professionals.

An oil-burning furnace will work better and more safely if the filter and pump strainer are cleaned regularly. Removing accumulated dirt and debris will ensure the oil can flow without obstruction. In general, the pump and filter should be cleaned on a monthly basis.

It is very important to keep any combustible materials at a safe distance from an oil-burning heater or any other heating appliance. These can include combustible fluids or fabrics or dry paper. It’s also essential to create a barrier at least three feet from the heater that will prevent a child from accessing it.

If a furnace stops working, there is a reset button that the homeowner can push. However, if the furnace does not immediately restart, it is better to call a professional at that point rather than continuing to press the button.

Heating oil can be an economical and safe heating option. For additional tips regarding Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT, look at more info here.

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