Tips for Rodent Control Service in Lincoln, CA

If you are like most people the thought of scampering little feet in your walls sends you running for the phone to call in the Rodent Control Service in Lincoln CA. However, once the exterminator has done their job and you are on your own again, you need to know how to keep the rats and mice away.

Read on below for some tips on how to prevent having to call in the Rodent Control Service in Lincoln CA by preventing the mice and rats from invading your home to begin with.

Store Garbage

You should store your garbage in cans that have very tight lids on them. It is best to get lids that will lock down on the can so that the rats can’t burrow inside. If there is no trash for them to come to, it is likely that they will move onto some other house. You can Click here for more information on rat and mice removal as well.

Don’t Leave Bags Out Over Night

You should make sure that you put your trash bags out shortly before trash pickup is scheduled. You don’t want to leave the bags on the curb overnight, as that is asking for rats and mice to descend on them and then into your home.

Store Open Food

You should never leave open food lying around. You should take stuff like flour, sugar and other cartons and store them in metal containers with tight lids on them. If the rats and mice can smell the food, they will come.

Kept Your Floors Swept

You should keep your floors swept at all times. Never spill food and then leave it sitting until later. You might forget and before you know it, you will have a mice and rat invasion that you can’t begin to handle.

These are just a few tips to help you prevent mice and rats from invading your home. You can also call in All In One Pest Control Service to help you take care of the problem today. Remember, treatment is just half of the solution, prevention is the rest.

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