Tips For Properly Burning A WoodWick Vanilla Bean Candle

WoodWick produces a fine line of quality candles. They eschew the paraffin wax for soy. They do not have a cotton-thread based wick. Instead, they use a wooden one. This allows those who purchase their quality, beautifully scented candles, including the popular WoodWick Vanilla Bean Candle, to truly savor the scent and smell of fine fragrances without the worry of potentially toxic health effects from paraffin fumes.

How to Properly Burn WoodWick Vanilla Bean Candles

While many people simply light a candle and expect it to burn properly, this is not the way to obtain the best results. While it may work with less-expensive, poor-quality candles, it is not the most effective way for the quality models produced by WoodWick. The proper protocol is as follows:

  1. Place the candle on a non-flammable/burnable surface in an area free from any type of draft or breeze
  2. Light the wick
  3. After lighting the wick, allow the candle to burn for anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, therefore maximizing the candle’s duration by allowing the melted wax to spread equally to the edges of the container
  4. As the candle burns down, notice the lack of any ugly ball of material building up at its top. This is the mushroom or bloom common to cotton wicks. This reduces the need to incessantly cut the wick. Instead, cut it if a small amount of ash accumulates on it and just before relighting it.

To further improve your experience with a WoodWick Vanilla Bean Candle, do not move it around constantly.

WoodWick Vanilla Bean

If you yearn to relax to the soothing sounds of a crackling fire infused with the warmth and naturally sweet scent of pure vanilla bean, consider purchasing a WoodWick Vanilla Bean candle. Choose from either an Ellipse or Hourglass-shaped glass jar. Either, when properly cared for, provides aural, visual, and sensual enjoyment for hours.

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