Tips for Promoting College Event Marketing Programs

Young adults on campuses across the United States are always interested in attending events that are held on campus and that offer entertainment value. College event marketing allows you to take full advantage of this reality while also providing something of value, entertainment, information or free things, which will positively and memorably place your brand in the minds of the students that attend the event.

Getting the message out about your program or event is an essential component of college event marketing. After all no matter how wonderful, informative and even beneficial to the students the event may be it is of little value if students don’t know about the program. It is also important to be aware of what else is going on for the students; you don’t want to plan a big event when there are already multiple events going on the same day.

Free Advertising Options

Having students on campus that will promote your event is absolutely the most important factor. These students can be essential in helping to pinpoint where college event marketing should be placed to notify the general student population about the activity.

They may also be able to take full advantage of student message boards, forums, chat rooms, social media pages and other forms of free advertising to get the message out. One Tweet about an event that is retweeted across campus not only delivers a personal message but it is completely free.

Campus Based News

Most campuses will have both a radio station as well as a school new publication, which may be in traditional print or it may be a digital campus paper. Either option provides for terrific options for college event marketing. You can create ads that provide information, inform the students of what the event will be offering them and also, in a more subtle way, begin to present your brand and link it with a benefit to the students.

The key to college event marketing is to promote your brand in a way that doesn’t turn the event into a giant commercial. Handouts of flyers and brochures with free giveaways, posters and signage at the event that shows your company is the sponsor is an effective way to link your company with the event with turning it into high pressure sales.

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