Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception

When the day comes, your wedding will likely go by in a whirlwind. You want to ensure that you can enjoy every second of the day, by ensuring that every aspect of the day is completely planned out. Use the tips here to locate and plan the perfect wedding reception in Sterling Heights, MI.

Plan Ahead

You need to spend the months before your wedding planning out every little detail of the reception and ceremony; however, when the big day arrives, let all the craziness of the months ahead go and simply enjoy. You should not let yourself get upset over small glitches, which are bound to happen, no matter what.

Don’t make Guests Wait

You need to make sure that you plan out each portion of the day with a specific start time. If you begin running late, it will leave your guests standing around waiting to eat dinner after the actual ceremony. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to open the doors to the reception dinner area between 45 minutes and one hour after the beginning of your cocktail hour.

Don’t Plan too Much

The majority of wedding receptions will have the traditional events that will take place, such as the entrance and introduction of the bride and groom, the parent dance, cake cutting, toasts and tossing of the garter and bouquet. You should not plan too many additional events that will interrupt the time for your guests to cut loose and have some fun.

Create a Music List

You need to pick out some selections of music that you like and give them to your DJ or band, but you should not try to make this the entire event. When you hire a professional entertainer, they will be able to read the audience and make adjustments in the music to keep everybody moving. If you put in too many requests, then the energy at your reception may take a nose dive.

Ensure Proper Lighting is Used

If you want to ensure that everyone is encouraged to get up and dance, you should be sure that the lights are kept dim. However, you need to also discuss the lighting with the photographer and videographer to ensure that they are able to work with it.

When you carefully plan out the details of your reception, you can feel certain that it will go off without a hitch.

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