Tips for Planning the Ideal Hula Party in Honolulu

The idea of hosting a Hula Party in Honolulu sounds like great fun. In fact, it will be a wonderful evening if the host plans properly. Here are some tips that will make it easier to ensure everything is ready, and the guests will enjoy themselves.

Personalized Invitations

In true Hawaiian spirit, make those invitations personal in some manner. It’s fine to start with generic party invitations, but use stamps, crayons, markers, and other accents to make them a little more personal for each invited guest. Those invitations will bring a smile to the faces of those who receive them and may be just what they need to respond in the affirmative.

Plenty of Food

Food will be a key element in the festivities, but make sure there is something at the hula party in Honolulu that everyone can enjoy. When some friends need to watch carbohydrate intake while others must be mindful of cholesterol levels, variety is the key to making everyone welcome at the table. Along with traditional dishes, mix in some basic party fare that will suit just about everyone. The combination of the expected and the unexpected will add more spice to the gathering.

Leis for Everyone

One tradition to keep is greeting each guest and providing them with leis for the evening. These are not expensive and also serve as something the guests can take home as a remembrance. Make sure to obtain a wide variety of colors and sort them before the guests arrive. That will make it all the easier to grab one that happens to look great with whatever each guest is wearing.

Don’t Plan Every Second of the Party

While the host does want to maintain a certain flow to the evening, attempting to plan every second of the party will take all the fun out of the night. A better approach is to ensure the atmosphere is conducive to people relaxing, mingling, eating, laughing, and dancing as the mood strikes. For entertainment, it wouldn’t hurt to have professional hula dancers make the scene at some point, but allow time for people to create their own fun.

For help with planning the perfect hula party, contact us today. It will not take long to work out the details and ensure everything goes off according to the plan.

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