Tips For Picking The Right Commercial Carpet In Evanston

Carpeting for business isn’t like residential carpeting; in fact, it has to meet the unique needs of your particular business. Picking out the right type of commercial carpet in Evanston isn’t as hard as it first appears. With the following tips, you can easily get the correct type for your company.

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for your carpet is the type and amount of traffic your business handles on a daily basis. The more traffic you get, the more durable your carpet needs to be, otherwise you end up spending more than you should by replacing it more often. For higher traffic areas, aim for course weaved, nylon fibers that are looped instead of cut pile. Save the plusher carpets for boarders, accent areas, and places that get little daily traffic. Also, if you serve food or drinks, you want to make sure your carpet is easy to clean and won’t hold food particles deep within its fibers.

After you have determined the level of foot traffic your carpet is going to have the next thing you need to decide on is the type of construction that best meets your needs. Loop carpet is constructed by folding the fibers back in on themselves. This type is more durable and easier to keep clean, but can snag. Cut pile carpet is like standard household carpet and has a plusher feel. For higher end business, such as hotels, this type works well, but can lose it plushness with use. There are also carpet tiles, which can be purchased in either loop or cut pile. These are prefect for high traffic and messy businesses because the tiles can be replaced as needed instead of the whole carpet.

Once you have picked the right carpet in the style and color that matches the personality of your business, you have another choice to make: the type of underlayment, if any. This is the padding between the base floor and the carpet that makes carpet plusher and easier to stand on. Some business shouldn’t use this under their carpet, such as eating establishments. Offices, hotels and similar places where people will be on their feet often and spills are less likely, can benefit from the added comfort of an underlayment.

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