Tips For Ordering From Custom Needle Valve Manufacturers

There are many different styles and designs of needle valves on the market. The top needle valve manufacturers provide these standard options and sizes in these valves as part of their inventory.

These needle valves can come in plastic, stainless steel, or even in brass or other types of exotic alloys and materials. They are typically designed to have an in-line body, with some valves designed for one-direction flow while others may be designed to allow for bi-directional flow.

Even with all of these options on the market, OEMs of equipment for any industry may find they need a custom valve option. In these situations, working with needle valve manufacturers that provide custom design and manufacturing becomes an essential consideration.

Online Design

In order to get the right design, look for needle valve manufac turers offering the option to design your own valve online. These companies provide an online configuration software page that allows you to choose options for the various aspects of the valve and create a virtual model.

The advantage of this system is that the OEM can play with different configurations, materials, and other features of the valve. In fact, it is likely that in the process of designing the valve through the software, changes in the design that make the valve more suitable for the given application are incorporated into the final design.

These types of programs allow the designer to choose from body configuration and materials to the specifics of the ports. The valve can also be designed to be mounted to a panel or not and to have a specific type of control knob. Of course, the operating pressure and the seal can also be selected, and there should be assistance with questions if help is required during the design process.

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