Tips for Motorcycle Storage in Connecticut

Owning a motorcycle is one thing every young man dreamed about when they were little, but storing away the motorcycle when winter comes can be quite a hassle.  The maintenance of the vehicle gets its bearer worried when it comes to storing them, while protecting it from the elements and damage is another thing to consider.

You want to properly store your motorcycle away but would also want it to be in working condition when you require it; this makes it imperative to properly service your vehicle before storing it away.  There are many motorcycle owners who are looking for easy maintenance tips for motorcycle storage in Connecticut; here are a few options you should consider:

Create a Checklist
One of the first things to do when you are putting your motorcycle in a storage facility is to properly identify the list of items and tools you have used for the maintenance of your vehicle.  This will allow you to keep a general record of things in case you require any reference in the future.

General Cleaning
The first step in the maintenance of your motorcycle before you store it away is to give it a thorough cleaning.  This will require you to get your hands dirty, so do not dress up for it.  Give the motorcycle a good scrub down and wash all the dirt and grime away with warm water and a spray hose.  Make sure you do not spray directly on any electric part.

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Gas Tank
Make sure you empty your gas tank when storing your motorcycle since the gas in the tank will cause it to rust over a prolonged period of time and will lead to decreased engine performance.  Properly wash the insides of the tank and make sure you do not leave any fuel in the tank to cause unnecessary damage to the tank and the engine.

When you are looking at options for motorcycle storage in Connecticut, it is best to properly lubricate your vehicle so that all the parts are well-oiled and in working condition when you take your baby out of its hibernation.

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