Tips For Hiring Office Moving Companies In New Orleans

Moving offices may be a necessary task but it is not one that most companies or businesses anticipate will be an easy process. However, those businesses using  top office moving companies in New Orleans know it can be a very simple, well organized and minimally disruptive event.

Businesses have the option to have office moving companies in New Orleans do some or complete all of the moving requirements. For most situations allowing the professional movers to handle the entire move is the most effective and limits confusion and missed or left behind items.

Timing the Move

The best time for office moving companies in New Orleans to come in and do a move is after business hours or over a weekend if staff is not working. In large office buildings it may also be important to coordinate the use of a freight elevator with your move. The building manager may have specific stipulations on when elevators can or cannot be used for moving purposes.

Preparing for the Move

The best office moving companies in New Orleans will send a coordinator or move manager to discuss the move well in advance. This allows for addressing all the timing issues as well as organizing crews to come in to dismantle shelving units, cubical modules and other large items of furniture.

Additionally the pre-move preparation can include disconnecting electronic and computer equipment and packing all these devices in secure, safe packing boxes. Files and documents are removed from filing cabinets and placed in an organized fashion in moving boxes.

Preparing the New Space

After the items are all placed in the trucks and transported to the new location, office moving companies in New Orleans will reverse the process to set up your office. Trucks are carefully packed at the departure location and unloading is done in the most effective way to minimize the time required for setting up the new space.

All modular units, electronics, shelving, and fixtures will be rebuilt and put in the specified locations under the direction of the move coordinator. In addition, files will be returned to their storage cabinets networks and computer systems are reconnected.

An additional service top office moving companies in New Orleans offer is full post-move cleaning services and removal of all packing materials in the new location. You are left with a beautiful office space that is ready for use.

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