Tips for Healthy Chinese Dining in Los Angeles

Chinese Dining in Los Angeles is extremely popular. In fact, Chinese cuisine is considered the most popular and potentially healthy ethnic cuisines in America. However, if smart choices are not made when enjoying this type of cuisine, it can be quite unhealthy. There are many typical Chinese dishes that are extremely high in sodium. Also, the main dish portions are often significantly larger than the typical American main dish. This can make it quite tempting to eat everything, consuming too much fat, oil and sodium.

One option to ensure a healthy dining experience when enjoying Chinese food is to share entrees. In fact, one Chinese entreacute is often enough to feed two to three people. Sharing will not only cut calories and fat, but also reduce the cost for each person for the meal. Other tips to help make Chinese Dining in Los Angeles healthier can be found here.

One option is to select an entrée that is full of vegetables. A perfect example of this would be chop suey and steamed rice. If possible, diners should also opt to replace chicken for duck and skip any of the crispy fried noodles. There is also the option to request that the cook use a lighter amount of oil when making stir fry and to leave out soy sauce, salt and MSG. There are also a number of other healthy food options to be made in a Chinese restaurant, which include:

1. Selecting hot and sour or wonton soup rather than egg drop soup
2. Choose steamed dumplings over fried wontons or eggrolls
3. Select a steamed, broiled or boiled entrée instead of a fried one
4. Choose dishes featuring different vegetables rather than different fried meats
5. Select dishes with water chestnuts instead of dishes with peanuts or cashews
6. Opt for steamed rice rather than fried rice
7. Chose duck, plum or sweet and sour sauce instead of soy, oyster, lobster or bean sauce

With these tips, any diner can ensure a healthy Chinese eating experience. They can also opt to Get additional info here. Being informed will help any diner make healthier choices in regard to the Chinese dishes they order.

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