Tips for Gas Leak Detection in Indianapolis, IN

Modern homeowners use natural gas for everything from cooking food to heating water. It provides a convenient, affordable fuel source, but it can also pose a potential hazard to homeowners and their families.

Any homeowner who uses natural gas should know the basics about gas leak detection in Indianapolis IN. Read on to find out about the basics.

Sulfur Smell

Natural gas is odorless, but utility companies typically add a chemical called mercaptan to it with the explicit intention of making it easier to detect. Mercaptan smells like sulfur, which resembles the smell of rotten eggs. Any time that homeowners notice this smell, they should call a professional immediately.

Faint Whistling Sounds

Homeowners who believe that they may have a gas leak should check their natural gas lines. If they hear a faint whistling sound coming from anywhere along the line, it’s a sure sign that they have a leak. This sound won’t always be noticeable, though, so it’s important to take some extra precautions.

Bubbles Forming

If a homeowner has any reason to suspect that he or she has a gas leak, soap and water provide an easy and affordable means of gas leak detection in Indianapolis IN. Just mix them together and rub them on the pipe on the area around the suspected leak. If bubbles appear, it shows that gas is escaping.

Visible Dust

Gas leaks outside the home can be more difficult to detect. The smell may be less noticeable, and it is unlikely that homeowners will hear the gas leaking from outdoor lines unless they live in exceptionally quiet areas. The best way to tell if an outdoor leak has developed is to check for dust and debris blowing around on a still day.

What to Do

Never put off seeking help. If the smell is strong and the gas leak is obvious, leave the house immediately and call for help from a safe place. If the smell is subtle, check to make sure that the windows are open and the stove’s pilot light is off, call for help immediately from home.

Get Help Now

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