Tips For Finding The Best Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder For Sale

Whether you are looking for one cylinder or you need a large order, getting the best deal on telescoping hydraulic cylinder for sale is going to be important. These are not low-cost components to any project, but a well-built and manufactured cylinder will stand up to the job and certainly provide the lifting and pushing capacity required.

For those that are shopping around, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the cylinder. By avoiding common mistakes and buying top quality components you can actually save costs as the cylinder will have a longer life cycle and will provide you with years of trouble-free use with just basic maintenance.

Know Size and Capacity

As with any type of hydraulic cylinder, it will be important to know the size of the cylinder required as well as the load capacity. Depending on the PSI (pounds per square inch), the bore, and the stage diameter the load capacity will vary.

While it may be possible to use a smaller cylinder initially, the cylinder will fail if it is undersized for the job. It is also not cost effective to choose a larger sized cylinder than required, so working with a manufacturer for custom build requirements that match your needs is essential to save on cost while getting the correct cylinder for the job.

Re-build Possibilities

Not every telescoping hydraulic cylinder for sale will have rebuildable construction. This option allows the cylinder to be re-built as it ages or if it is damaged, helping to save the cost of buying a new cylinder.

This is a critical consideration with special ordered cylinders. Should a custom built cylinder fail, there could be a few weeks until a new cylinder can be manufactured, which can lead to lost income as equipment is down and just sitting idle.

Buying New

Sometimes, in an effort to save both time and money, it may be tempting to buy a used telescoping hydraulic cylinder for sale. These are typically offered on industrial sales websites and actions, but they can also be offered through online sites such as eBay or Craigslist, or even through classified advertisements online or in local papers or industry specific ads.

While they may be very low priced, there is no way to know how well maintained those cylinders may have been, or if they are even in working condition. As a “buyer beware” type of purchase they are never a good investment, and they won’t offer the guarantee of a custom or standard telescopic hydraulic cylinder that is purchased new.

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