Tips for Filing for Chapter 7 Through the Bankruptcy Attorney in Glendale AZ

When your debt is getting out of control and you are finding it difficult to overcome, it is time to seek help through a Bankruptcy Attorney in Glendale AZ. An attorney can offer you a couple of different options for filing for bankruptcy, including chapter 7. This type is available to debtors who meet the requirements set forth by the Mean’s Test which measures your income against the median income. If you do not exceed this amount, you may be eligible for filing.

Chapter 7 is a liquidation process that takes an individual’s non-exempt property and seeks to auction it for payment of debt. Many people do not have any non-exempt property so their debts are absolved by the court-appointed trustee.

Chapter 7 is the fastest method of filing for bankruptcy. As long as the debts you owe are unsecured, this will allow you to be free of debt so you can get on with your financial future.

The Bankruptcy Attorney in Glendale AZ will help you through every step of the process of filing. You will need to make sure every debt you owe and the business name and contact information are provided.

The first step in the process will be a first meeting of creditors. In this proceeding, those you owe may question you or provide the court with information. You also may be questioned by the court-appointed trustee.

After this first meeting, the creditors you owe and the trustee will have sixty-days to object to your filing status. Unless the court receives a contest to the discharge of your debts, the court will order discharge on all debts listed. This means you are free of the debt and will no longer have to stress about bill collectors calling you or threatening you with wage garnishment and court action.

If you have been doing all you can to get out of debt but are finding the process impossible, make sure you contact the office of Asheton B Call right away. They will be happy to assist you through the process so you can get the help you need to file.

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