Tips for Evaluating Vinyl Siding in Jacksonville

Vinyl siding offers a low-cost and low-maintenance choice for protecting a home’s exterior. Those who have already decided to make the switch to vinyl should realize, however, that not all vinyl siding is created equal. Read on to find a few tips for choosing Vinyl Siding Jacksonville homeowners will love and appreciate for years to come to avoid the need for further costly exterior remodeling.

Product Thickness

Thicker vinyl is more rigid, which helps it to stand up to the elements better than thinner products. The average thickness of this form of siding is around 0.045 inches thick, but more robust alternatives may be as thick as 0.054 inches. In Florida, where hurricane force winds can take their toll on thinner siding, it’s usually worth investing a little bit more money into higher-quality materials.

Wind Speed Ratings

During hurricane season when winds can be extremely strong it’s extremely beneficial to have siding that features a high wind speed rating. This number represents how well the siding will be able to withstand high wind velocities. With the right Vinyl Siding in Jacksonville homeowners won’t have to worry about substantial storm damage even when strong winds occur.

Lap Profiles

Lap style siding comes in a variety of styles, each of which features a different profile. Deeper profiles offer bolder shadow lines, which make these types of vinyl siding appear more like the wood they are designed to mimic. For homeowners who want to improve their curb appeal, it’s worth asking the installation contractor or manufacturer to provide panel projection dimensions on their products and to spend a little bit of extra money for one that features a deeper lap profile.

The Right Installation Contractor

Even the best-designed vinyl siding won’t be able to hold up to Florida’s extreme weather if it is not installed correctly. Look for a company like Universal Windows Direct of Jacksonville that offers certified products and hires only contractors that have plenty of experience with installing high-quality vinyl siding. Readers can Visit Online to learn about the company’s vinyl siding installation and repair services, replacement windows, entry doors, and sunroom conversions to find out about one company that offers comprehensive exterior remodeling services.

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