Tips for Choosing Roofing Contractors in Puyallup, WA

Fixing or replacing a roof can be an expensive project, so it’s important to choose just the right contractor to help out with the project. Taking a few factors into consideration can make it easier to find the best local Roofing Contractors in Puyallup Wa.

Choose Roofing Type First

It’s a good idea to decide exactly which type of roofing you want before looking into contractors, as some types of roofing require that installers have certain certifications to keep the warranty on the roofing valid. These certifications also show that the contractor knows how to properly install that particular type of roofing. Avoid contractors that don’t offer you multiple choices for roofing materials.

Stay Local

When it comes to having someone fix the roof, it’s typically better to go with a local company that has been around for a long time rather than someone working out of a truck that knocks on the door out of the blue. Keep in mind that a warranty is only valid as long as the company lasts, so it’s best to avoid fly-by-night operations, even if they are willing to do the work for less. You usually get what you pay for, so they may be cutting more corners than just avoiding having a physical location for their business.

Don’t Forget the Details

For best results, have any Roofing Contractors in Puyallup Wa that you’re considering give you their quotes and their contracts in writing. These written contracts should include every detail, including the payment schedule (which shouldn’t be 100 percent up front), the materials to be used, the timeframe for the project, any guarantees or warranties that have been offered and who will handle any necessary cleanup after the roofing project is completed. Don’t make the final payment until you’re satisfied with the work. Also, be sure to pay attention to the small details when it comes to service. For example, if the contractor doesn’t return phone calls, doesn’t follow through on things you’ve discussed or somehow makes you uncomfortable, it’s better to choose a different contractor. The same is true if the contractor can’t show proof of both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Not having these types of insurance makes it easier to quote a low price, but if something happens on the job, you might get stuck with a lot of unexpected costs.

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