Tips For Choosing A Quality Polymer Analysis Laboratory

There are many different situations where external or independent testing facilities are required for plastics and polymers. Many manufacturers work with independent labs to provide comprehensive product information to end-users of their plastics.

Additionally, for specialized applications such as medical devices and equipment or in the aerospace, defense, military or telecommunication and electronics industries, there may be the need for validation or independent certification as to the polymer or plastic. A polymer analysis laboratory with the ability to complete all testing requirements in a short period of time and at a reasonable cost will be an important partner in your business.

Size and Capacity

Even if you only have to test samples infrequently, you will need to choose a polymer analysis laboratory that has the capacity and size to handle the volume of orders. Some labs will take on more work than they can process, resulting in delays for some customers.

This is particularly relevant if you are not a large customer of the lab. Often these labs will prioritize for their major customers and push customers that use the services less to back of the processing line.

Experience and Testing Equipment

While experience and the testing equipment are two separate factors, it is not uncommon to find labs with limited experience operating with older or even outdated equipment and technology.

On the other hand, a polymer analysis laboratory that has been in the industry for a while will have the customer base and the testing demands that allows them to stay current with the latest in equipment as well as staff training.

One other component that will be important to consider is the cost of the testing services. Most of the top labs are highly competitive when it comes to pricing, making the time it takes to process the samples the critical factor in most cases.

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