Tips for Choosing a Contractor for Pavement Installation in Sun Prairie, WI

Pavement Installation in Sun Prairie WI constitutes a serious investment for most homeowners, so it should go without saying that this type of job should only be performed by licensed and trained professionals. It’s important that homeowners not underestimate the importance of finding a qualified contractor, as a quality pavement installation can last as much as ten times as long as a substandard job. Read on to find a few helpful tips for homeowners looking for a quality asphalt paving contractor.

Do Some Due Diligence

It’s worth taking some time to do some extra research prior to hiring a contractor. After all, a company’s reputation is often a good indicator of the quality of work that they provide. Be sure that, at the very least, any contractor hired to complete a pavement installation is licensed, bonded, and insured and review at least a few referrals or online testimonials prior to signing a contract.

Be Wary of Secret Methods

Disreputable contractors often claim to employ cutting-edge methods that set them apart from the competition, but the reality is that asphalt paving has, as a field of contracting, remained more or less unchanged for the last 30 years. It requires expensive equipment and a good deal of work, so contractors who say they have an effective means of avoiding the need for expensive equipment or substantial work should not be trusted.

Understand Industry Standards

Asphalt pavement installation in Sun Prairie WI can be accomplished in two ways: it can be laid on top of an existing driveway, or the driveway can be torn out and replaced. Driveways that are completely redone should always have a gravel base and should be covered with at least three inches of asphalt, while repaved driveways should be paved with at least two inches of commercial-grade asphalt. Be sure the contractor is upfront about which method he or she will use and takes the time to explain his or her reasoning.

Get Started Today

Finding the right asphalt paving contractor takes some time, so get the search started early. Schedule an appointment with a dedicated contractor for an initial evaluation or call for a free estimate from a reputable family-owned business today.

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