Tips for Caring for Your Child’s Teeth From Pediatric Dentistry in Albany NY

The health of your child’s teeth and gums is crucial for their overall health as they are growing. Studies have shown children who have poor oral health often have other health concerns. Recent information has show the health of the teeth and gums can affect the health of the heart. This is why it is crucial to ensure your child has healthy teeth and gums through their formative years. Though Pediatric dentistry in Albany NY is important for your child’s oral health, there are important tasks you will need to take care of as the parent.

How Can You Care for Your Child’s Teeth and Gums at Home?

Brushing and flossing are the keys to having a healthy smile. Most young children do not have the ability to properly brush and floss their teeth until they are much older. Your child’s dental care will need to begin before they even cut their first tooth. You can use a soft cloth and gently wipe the milk residue from your child’s gums. When your child begins to get teeth, you will begin using a soft toothbrush in place of the cloth.

Before the age of five, you should use a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. This will allow your child to safely swallow the paste, with no health concerns. Once your child is old enough, you can begin using a fluoride toothpaste and even a mouth rinse, to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Preferably, you should brush your child’s teeth after each meal. If this is not possible, brushing and flossing should be carried out at least twice a day. In the beginning, you will need to take care of this task completely. As your child grows older, he or she can begin brushing and flossing under your supervision. With the care you provide at home and having your child seen by Pediatric dentistry in Albany NY, the risks of your child developing oral health concerns can be greatly diminished.

If you would like to have your child seen by a pediatric dentist, contact Capital District Pediatric Dentistry and schedule an appointment. Their caring staff will provide the pediatric dental services your child needs, to ensure they have a healthy smile.


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