Tips for Better Recovery After Mini Gastric Bypass Laparoscopic Surgery

Mini gastric bypass laparoscopic surgery requires less time to operate as compared to the traditional gastric bypass laparoscopic surgery. Thus, recovery is much faster with Mini Gastric Bypass. However you need some special information to make the process smooth, pleasant & complication free. The following tips are helpful in improving recovery after the surgery.


In routine cases, walking is allowed within 1-2 hours of Mini Gastric Bypass Laparoscopic Surgery. We encourage the patients to get out of the bed as soon as possible. This avoids clots in the legs and decreases the complication rates.

The recovery may take longer than normal if you procrastinate in bed.


Diet is the most important part of post-surgery recovery. We generally allow sips of liquids with in an hour of the Mini Gastric Bypass. Soft diet from next day of the surgery and solid diet is allowed after one week of the Mini Gastric Bypass. In Mini Gastric Bypass, there is no need to be on clear liquid diet unlike other traditional bariatric surgeries.

Join Support Groups

You can join community groups at the hospital or support groups online. These groups are not only helpful in improving your morale but they are also helpful in sharing tips to help you recover faster.

Above all, stay positive. You can do something productive to maintain positivity. The best activity is to read books. Try to stay closer to positive energies. For further assistance, information, and inquiries, please visit Kular Hospital

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