Three Ways to Create a Custom Service at Funeral Homes in Lakewood, WA

A funeral is held for the people left behind, but the actual ceremony is about the departed. Not everyone at the ceremony will enter knowing everything about the person that has passed. The funeral is the opportunity for the family and other loved ones to make certain all the guests have these details when they leave.

Show Their Work

Artists and crafters spend countless hours honing their skills and creating things they imagined in their mind. Hobbies are often more important to people than their careers, and that is why it is what they choose to do with their free time. Show off those skills by bringing in items the deceased made. Make a photo collage of the work if their projects are too large.

Take it Outside

Not every ceremony must take place at the funeral home. Funeral Homes in Lakewood Wa are more than just a place to gather. Their services include assistance with filing death certificates, preparing the body for burial or cremation, and helping with obituaries. The client is never obligated to use their facility for the funeral. Discuss the option of holding the funeral at home or in a favorite outdoor location. The change of scenery instantly makes it more personal.

Collect Some Memories

Include random memories from loved ones rather than a formal eulogy. Ask people to email or go to a special webpage and leave a personal memory of the person of honor. Have notecards available for the same purpose at the viewing. Share the responses during the funeral or at a graveside memorial.

The greatest amount of respect is shown when people find a way to express who their loved one really was during their life. Some may actually be very traditional people, and a basic ceremony without any extra frills or unusual add-ons would be perfect for them. However, this is the time to show the world when a loved one was a little quirky, adventurous or had a list of amazing achievements.

The staff of Funeral Homes in Lakewood Wa are happy to help their clients to find a way to create a service that provides the opportunity for mourners to learn more as they say goodbye.

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