Three Types of Important Veterinary Service in Clifton VA

Becoming a pet owner comes with lots of responsibilities. Pet owners are responsible not only for their pet’s basic physical and emotional needs, such as food, water, and affection, but also for their overall healthcare needs. Typically, a pet’s healthcare needs are provided by a veterinarian of the pet owner’s choosing. Three types of important Veterinary Service in Clifton VA are preventative care, dental care, and acute care.

Preventative Care

One type of important veterinary service is preventative care. Preventative care should begin not long after the pet is born. An initial exam is performed and vaccinations are given within a certain timeframe. As the pet reaches adulthood and throughout the pet’s adult life, preventative care should continue and include a wellness exam annually and biannually. This will help the pet owner and veterinarian track the pet’s health and identify and treat issues as soon as they arise.

Dental Care

Dental care is another type of important veterinary service. Dental care should also begin not long after the pet is born. Just like humans, pets need their teeth and gums cleaned on a regular basis. The pet owner can do this the majority of the time by using specialized toothpaste and a toothbrush designed for pets. However, just like humans, pets should have their teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Acute Care

The third type of important veterinary service is acute care. Acute care should be performed at any time that the pet owner notices that the pet is feeling under the weather or has been injured. When pets are sick, they can become dehydrated easily, so it is important to seek immediate attention to treat and monitor the pet. In addition, some pet breeds are prone to certain injuries. Pet owners should be aware of this and keep an eye out for signs of the injuries.

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