Three Types of Glass Used for Storefronts in Arlington, VA

When constructing a new building or remodeling an existing one, it is important to choose the proper type of glass for the building’s windows. Different types of glass have different characteristics, making them appropriate in specific situations. Choosing the wrong type of glass for a location or application can lead to accidents, so it is important to become educated on the types of glass that are available. Three types of glass used for Storefronts in Arlington, VA are annealed glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass.

Annealed Glass

One type of glass used for storefronts is annealed glass. This is the most common type of glass used for residential and commercial applications. For many windows and storefronts, it works fine and is acceptable to use. If annealed glass gets broken, it will break into large pieces and shards, so it is generally used in locations that are high off the ground and away from doors. Annealed glass is available in several of the most common tint colors.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is another type of glass used for storefronts. This type of glass is 4 times stronger than regular annealed glass. When it breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces rather than large shards, making is safer than annealed glass as well. For this reason, it is often used in storefront windows that are more likely to be bumped by people, such as locations that are low to the ground and that are near doors.

Laminated Glass

The third type of glass used for storefronts is laminated glass. This type of glass is made from two pieces of annealed glass joined together by a special film. Like tempered glass, it shatters into tiny pieces when it breaks. However, unlike tempered glass, the pieces stay attached to the special film rather than falling to the ground. This makes it the safest type of glass that can be used in storefronts.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass can provide different types of glass for Storefronts in Arlington, VA. Whether tempered glass, laminated glass, or annealed glass is desired, the professionals at Beltway Plate & Glass can help. New installation of any variety of glass for storefronts is offered, as well as the repair of storefront glass. Experts are available to help each customer make the best decision for their storefront. Visit today for more information.

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