Three Types of Corporate Apparel To Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

When starting a new business, it’s really important to get your name out into your local community. Creating company and brand recognition as quickly as possible helps ensure that when people need goods or services like those you provide, your name is the one that comes to mind. Providing corporate apparel with your logo for your employees and customers helps build this name recognition quickly, and at a reasonable price.

There is a wide range of corporate apparel items from which to choose. There are so many, in fact, that picking the right ones may be difficult. Here are three types of apparel you should consider having personalized with your log.

1. Shirts – Shirts with your company logo are the first type of logo apparel you should consider for your business. Depending upon your business, you may wish to choose shirts to be worn by employees daily, like a uniform, or you may choose to buy shirts without any specific requirements for employees to wear these. There are many different types of shirts from which you can choose. Dress shirts come in a wide range of colors and styles, and create a very professional look for your management or sales team. Polo style shirts are extremely popular, offering a nice mix of professional and casual appearance. For a very casual look, t-shirts are an affordable option, too.
2. Hats – Baseball caps are a very inexpensive apparel option. These look great with your logo and are available in many different colors. You’ll find that baseball caps are some of the most frequently worn logo apparel, and that people wear these primarily outside of business hours. This means you’re getting free advertising on weekends!
3. Jackets – Unless you live in a very warm climate, providing your employees with some sort of logo jacket is important. During winter months, you may lose much of the impact your logo shirts make because these shirts are covered with some sort of jacket throughout the day. Making sure your employees are wearing a jacket with a logo eliminates this problem.

Corporate apparel can be a great way to promote your business with very little effort. Your employees will appreciate you providing attractive clothing that they can wear at work and during off hours. In return, your company name and logo is seen all over your community each and every day.

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