Three Tips for Trustees Working with Beneficiaries

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Lawyers

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If you’re looking for a trusts lawyer in Redlands, CA, it may be because you’ve been named as a trustee in a will. Being a trustee is an extremely important role, and one that isn’t taken lightly. You may be worried about managing the money portion of the trust, and that’s completely understandable. Just as important is making sure that you establish good relationships with the beneficiaries. Following are some tips to help ensure that this happens.

Maintain Good Communication

Make sure that you keep in touch with the beneficiaries, and let them know when anything happens with the trust that concerns them or their interests. Once you’ve been named trustee, get in touch with them right away so that they know who you are and who they need to turn to with any issues. Help them right away with any questions or concerns they may have so that they feel comfortable.

Trust Administration

Let the beneficiaries know early on how the trust is going to be administered. Let them know how and when they’re going to get their money so that they don’t have to keep following up with you. Include the trust attorneys in key conversations so that they can handle any of the important legal questions. The trust attorney will be an important back-up for you.

Be Patient

Be patient. The beneficiaries will be understandably concerned about how the trust will be administered. They may reach out to you repeatedly with questions. If you remain calm and understanding, you’ll be helping them calm down as well.

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