Three Tips for Terrazzo Countertop Success and Style

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and its design must be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Few materials serve both purposes as well as terrazzo, and its popularity as a backsplash tile and countertop material continues to grow. Terrazzo countertops are incredibly durable and stand up well to intense heat making them the perfect option for the home kitchen. Choosing the best countertops and backsplash for your kitchen is even easier with these top three tips.

Countertops Come First

There is a little-known design secret that will make any kitchen design project more successful, and that is to choose your countertop first. Countertops are one of the costlier aspects of the kitchen, and it also requires more material than the backsplash. Once terrazzo countertops are a lock, finding the right backsplash is much easier.

A Single Material Adds Visual Continuity and Utilizes Material Overages

A design concept that was once used only by the most daring homeowners is catching on. Utilizing the same material for both counters and backsplash allow for a striking uniformity that offers visual continuity and a practical solution for leftover materials. Terrazzo countertops are well complemented with a backsplash in the same material.

Choose a Single Point of Focus

Terrazzo countertops create a striking design element which some homeowners may find overwhelming. If more than one surface type or color is introduced into the kitchen, be sure that they do not compete for attention. Allow for an understated base with subtle accents and finishes. Terrazzo countertops make a statement and are easily the focus of any design of which they are a part. Create visual interest with understated accent tiles of differing textures or colors.

Since its start in early 2000, Trend USA Ltd. has provided consumers with terrazzo tile that is both design and earth-friendly. Founded in Italy, the company now operates across multiple continents and countries and serves the United States from its Miami area location.

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