Three Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Garage Door In Boston, MA

A garage door makes it easy to park a vehicle out of the weather while allowing easy access to equipment and tools. A garage door is not only a functional part of a home but is also a significant contributor to the overall visual aspects of a home’s exterior. Often, it will either make or break the property’s curb appeal. Before replacing a Garage Door in Boston MA, be sure to consider the following items, which will allow it to function as needed and give a home a high-end, custom appearance.

Material Selection

The first decision is what type of material a garage door is constructed from. Aluminum options offer impressive reliability but often give a home a more commercial appearance. Wood options are also an excellent choice and provide excellent durability while providing a unique and whimsical appearance that will improve the facade of any age home. Vinyl is also a popular option, as it is weather resistant and requires little to no maintenance over its lifespan.

Insulative Properties

Another important consideration is the amount and type of insulation used during the construction of the door. For homeowners that are not concerned with temperature fluctuations, less insulation will reduce the door’s cost. Individuals that use a garage as a workspace will be able to keep the area warm in the winter by selecting a model that is constructed using several layers of insulation, which helps to protect from severe winter weather.


While most garages have an artificial light source, many homeowners like to utilize natural light, which is often better when working on projects. A garage door with windows will allow the flow of natural light and make the space more welcoming. A Garage Door in Boston MA that is equipped with double- or triple-pane windows will increase overall light exposure without impacting the insulative properties of the unit.

With a little research, it is possible for a homeowner to select a door that offers security and visual appeal. The team at Collins Overhead Door is a leading provider of commercial and residential products and provides installation and repair services. Visit to learn more and give any garage a facelift for less. Find us on Facebook!

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