Three Signs That You May Need to Call a Professional for Chimney Repair in Queens NY

The chimney on a home is one of those features that people may often overlook. Many homeowners assume it should be structurally fine and worthy of use. On a newer home that may be the case. Any home that has been in existence for a while need routine chimney inspections done. There are many things that can go wrong. A chimney that isn’t working properly can result in disaster. If you are one of the many homeowners that has a chimney in your home here are three signs that you may need to call a chimney repair professional. Visit website for more information.

Mortar joints in the chimney masonry may begin to deteriorate with age. This masonry work is exposed to the outside elements which includes a great deal of moisture. It is also exposed to colder temperatures in the winter time. When you inspect the chimney if you notice any damage to the mortar you will need to call a professional who does Chimney Repair in Queens NY. Lack of attention to this problem could result in a complete collapse of the chimney.

If you notice any small pieces of tile in the fireplace it could be a sign that there is a damaged flue. This flue lining is important for safety. This is a definite sign that you should call a licensed professional who does Chimney Repair in Queens NY. They will be able to perform a thorough inspection and determine a course of action to begin the necessary repairs.

Rust on the damper or firebox of the chimney means there is excess moisture present. You might not immediately notice the rust. Many homeowners will realize there is a problem when the damper does not seal properly. If there are visible signs of rust there may be additional damage that could result in dangerous circumstances if you use your fireplace. Call a professional who does Chimney Repair in Queens NY.

A chimney must be inspected at least once per year. It is recommended that this inspection be performed by a professional chimney sweep. These individuals have the experience and knowledge in chimney repairs. They know what to look for and will perform the repairs to ensure your chimney is safe for fireplace use. You can gather more information from US Chimney Corp.

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